Stinky Smelly Teen Brat Feet!

I love making my feet extra grimy, sweaty, and stinky for my slave! He absolutely hates the sticky, sour, nauseating smell and flavor of my boiling, steamed toes! I just love wearing boots with no socks, and the same socks for weeks on end! When I take my shoes off, the room clears out!! ๐Ÿคฃ

I also have a few special pairs of boots. I call them my Killers. My clear plastic ones are the worst. My feet instantly drip and soak and the smell of the shoe is so rancid that it instantly turns my grubby lil toes into a SECRET WEAPON OF DESTRUCTION!

Sniff, lick, suck, drip! STINKY!!!


ยฉ HaleysLilComet Productions